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What is one of the largest expenses for businesses?
There are many ways to reduce your advertising expense. A little creativity you can reduce those costs considerably.
Local and community newspapers are continually looking for articles from individuals in their community and from community businesses to write articles related to your field of expertise or interest that other people within the community would derive value. These articles can also be submitted to other media and publications having interest in that particular field. The advertising article can have information about the company or business opportunity added to the article giving some additional value to the reader. Once the article writer has gained some recognition this can lead to them being invited on radio and television talk shows and even to interviews. These kinds of opportunities shouldn’t be missed as they provide a chance for free promotion. If it is taking a long time to get an article published this can be addressed with a letter that can be followed up by a telephone call or in-person visit. During the visit, the nature of expertise /interest can be discussed about the business, which will be of interest to the readers of the particular publication. Once a businessperson gains the status of being public-friendly, more offers start pouring in.
Free bulletin boards located in the neighborhood, like in grocery stores, libraries, and hair salons, are another good idea. Advertising circulars can be posted on such boards for free. Circulars for mass distribution can be handed out at the mall, shopping center, bus stops, particularly on weekends when there is a big rush. Students can be hired on part time basis for this purpose. This works particularly well for community businesses or community Hobbists.
Promotional advertisement can be printed on the envelopes used by the business firms. Both the sender and the receiver can view this advertisement. Promotional offers can be sent to customers by postcards, which should be utilized to its full, leaving only place left for writing the address.
Some of the new mail order publications offer free first time and seasonal deductions for advertisers. Other publications offer pay per inquiry space. Inquiries can be made about stand-by space, which means that the publication holds the submission of advertisement until the space is not sold and in that case, thirty three percent saving can be achieved. Usually local newspapers provide these kinds of offers.
If the business is involved in ad sheet or catalog publishing, other publishers can be contacted for the purpose of bartering an advertising exchange. They can place advertisement in their publication, in return for placing their advertisement in the business’s publication.
Free offers can be provided to the customer. This can be done by emailing or printing a newsletter about information regarding the area of interest of the targeted customers. Attach a free coupon with it, which the customers can use for shopping, if a criterion is met like minimum purchase. The response can be huge and some of them will purchase something to receive the free offer. The basic ingredient for affordable advertising is creativity and research.

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